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I am Jed Tedor, a Civil Service Professional Passer and a Registered Electrical Engineer. I took the civil service professional eligibility exam when I was 21 years old, in Cagayan de Oro, Region X on a Sunday morning of July 27, 2008. It was a tiring day overall, I got knocked off in the theatre as I watched The Dark Knight, which was showing at that time. The result was released around October of the same year, I nearly forgot about the exam as I thought I had failed it. It was, after all, very very difficult. About 52,000 took and luckily I am one of the 5, 286 who passed it. It was a very a good feeling to have passed a qualifying exam. To what the exam qualifies for, I didn't know. I took the exam as a practice exam for my upcoming electrical board exam, which I took a year after.

ABOUT THIS BLOG: This Blog post will tackle about the exam process, i'll post my certificate and sample pictures here, I'll post the results and exam schedule. It will talk everything you need to know about passing the civil service examination.. Pls. follow me as I will continue on posting as the days go by. I hope this blog helps those who will take the exams for the first time and help realize the past mistakes for those who have failed it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Here are the scope of the exam, which I failed to post due to my initial assumption that you would visit the Civil Service Examination Website, however, as many still asks for the scope of the exam, I thought I need to post it here.

Verbal 40

Analytical 50
Numerical 40
General Information 20
Total 150

Verbal 45
Clerical 40
Numerical 40
General Information 20
Total 145


The Verbal Level generally involves verbal/language usage, this is a difficult part for some (like me). It
includes verbal analogies (the hardest part) to sentence arrangement (easier part).

The Analytical Level involves both Math and English problems. It is more of LOGIC e.g. EYES is to SEE as EARS is to ______ or 81 is to 9 as 9 is to ______. This is the fun part of the exam but also a mindtwister.

The Numerical Level involves Math Word Problems. This is the most time-consuming part of the exam and also the less difficult for some, especially if you are okay with your algebra classes. For some, this is also the part where they need more practice. Practice makes the problem easier. That is why I really took some time to encode my solutions to the reviewers. You can Download it here.

General Information involves current events and laws and government conditions. I sucked at this level badly.

Clerical are more of alphabetical arrangements as what I heard, I did not experience this type of exam but maybe I will file for subprofessional exam just for the fun of taking it.

The reviewer I posted is sufficient enough for you to pass the Civil Service Exams.
CLICK HERE for the instruction on how to download.


  1. thank you for this sir.

  2. Hi Sir. The exam is divided into 4 parts right? So meaning there are only 40 items for the Verbal part? Thanks

  3. I'm also wondering. Many thanks for responding sir.

  4. Analytical are also kind of verbal/language. There are more language problems than math problems.

  5. So is the exam just 150 items for 3 hours?

  6. more or less 4 hours.

  7. How many items sir?

  8. hello sir..can you please give us the copy for Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concept and EnvironmentManagement Protection? thanks =)

  9. guud day sir. . .can you please send me the last year cs exam kasi nahihirapn pohh akuhh mgdownload. . .salamat pohh. . . .salamat pohh talagahh.

  10. Good day sir, cand you send me a reviewer for csc exam for prof. thanks, God bless you.

  11. Jackie Mitabtab Legaspi Jr.August 8, 2013 at 4:53 PM

    hello sir, can you please send me a reviewer for csc exam for prof. thanks, God bless you. i will be examining on oct.13 this year..thanks sir!

  12. sir ask ko lang if ganun ang items ng exam para makapasa eh need mo makakuha ng 80% of each category kagaya halimbawa sa verbal need mo lang na tamang sagot ay 32 pts at sa analytical ay 40pts and so on ?


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