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I am Jed Tedor, a Civil Service Professional Passer and a Registered Electrical Engineer. I took the civil service professional eligibility exam when I was 21 years old, in Cagayan de Oro, Region X on a Sunday morning of July 27, 2008. It was a tiring day overall, I got knocked off in the theatre as I watched The Dark Knight, which was showing at that time. The result was released around October of the same year, I nearly forgot about the exam as I thought I had failed it. It was, after all, very very difficult. About 52,000 took and luckily I am one of the 5, 286 who passed it. It was a very a good feeling to have passed a qualifying exam. To what the exam qualifies for, I didn't know. I took the exam as a practice exam for my upcoming electrical board exam, which I took a year after.

ABOUT THIS BLOG: This Blog post will tackle about the exam process, i'll post my certificate and sample pictures here, I'll post the results and exam schedule. It will talk everything you need to know about passing the civil service examination.. Pls. follow me as I will continue on posting as the days go by. I hope this blog helps those who will take the exams for the first time and help realize the past mistakes for those who have failed it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You know what to bring on the exam day!

Might as well eat some chocolates during practice/study.
God bless!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

October 21, 2012 Civil Service Professional Topnotchers

Here are the list of the TOPNOTCHERS from the recent Civil Service Professional Exams. Congratulations!!

Overall Top 10
Top Region Examinee No.  Name Rating
1 5 228049 PELAEZ, MARK ANTHONY B 87.85
2 6 253974 CORDOVA, JUSTIN ALICK M 87.39
3 13 460934 PORNILLOS, MA CRISTINA D 87.29
4 10 377830 ADARNE, GRACE JUDE B 87.02
5 6 255735 HULLEZA, VENICE MARIE B 86.9
6 13 462427 CONSTANTINO, KAR LYLE A 86.85
7 5 228067 CORNEJO, ED MARI CEDRIC C 86.79
8 13 469924 ELIGADO, ANGELICA ANNE C 86.65
9 8 312736 GELERA, OLIVER GERARD M 86.63
10 13 473879 ALMANZOR, IAN DERRICK W 86.56
Regional Top 10s
Region 1: San Fernando, La Union
Top Region Examinee No.  Name Rating
1 1 106460 DE GUZMAN, KESSY IVY M 86.23

Friday, November 23, 2012

Civil Service Professional - Computer Assisted Test Example (written by Rational)

This is a comment from the Last Tips for Sunday's Civil Service Exams post by RATIONAL.
This is his/her experience while he/she was taking the Computer-Assisted Test (Professional Level). Thank you for this Rational, I think you are super smart and gifted with a wonderful memory, you are a treasure. 

"Here are some questions I answered during a Computer-Assisted Test (Professional Level) two weeks ago. This is just from memory so they might not be very accurate.
There are a lot of items about re-arranging the order of the sentences to form substantive paragraphs. This took so much of my time. They are using lengthy sentences with lengthy words.
16.81% 25.64% 36.49% _____ 
1 1/3 1/3 1/9 _____ 
Simplify 1344/3008. 
One problem used exponents but since they are using an old-school DOS application, one term was expressed like this: x2 (x squared). 
In grammar, the proper usage of I/me in sentences were asked.
Word Problem: A girl bought mangoes at P7.50 each. There were two types of mangoes: good ones and not so good ones. She sold the good ones at P7.90 each and the not-so-good ones at P7.70 each. If she earned P34, how many mangoes did she buy?
Word Problem: A pipe can fill a water tank at X hours. Another pipe can fill a water tank at Y hours. If both pipe are used to fill the tank, how many hours would it take? (I can't remember X and Y)
If the president and the vice president die, who should replace them? (Can't remember the choices, just the answer: senate president)
You are a principal of a school. The school is expanding and the houses in the vicinity must be destroyed. What will you do? (i can remember two choices out of five: support the people, file leave of absence so you don't have to worry about it)
How many days are allowed to respond to letters/telegrams? (15 working days (answer), 15 calendar days, 7 working days, 10 calendar days, 10 working days)
How many committees of five members can you form with eight people?
There are -a lot- of math problems (solving fractions, word problems, pattern recognition, time problem, etc). No area problems
The word problems in your reviewers appeared (word analogy, correct word usage,
The test is 170 items, 20 items for personal info 21 onwards is the test proper. Questions 21-(around 110) are about grammar, re-arranging sentences, and reading comprehension (making sense out of the paragraph - selecting the statement implied by the paragraph). The last item in some categories are in Filipino. There are less than 10 questions in Filipino. 111 onwards are math problems and general info questions.
And here's a sample interface of the program I drew from memory as well: (upper right is time left to finish the exam)

It was programmed by someone named Glenn Arcilla or Arcillas. It was only shown in the splash screen before the test starts.
The schedule for the exam is 7:30 and 11:30. You can be late for a few minutes because examinees will be called one by one to verify that the data they encoded in their system is correct. There will also be an audio-visual presentation regarding the software. After watching the video and data verification, examinees will proceed inside the office to sign the seat plan. Then, there is a locker inside the room where you can put your things. After putting your things in the locker, you can proceed to your assigned computer. All examinees should be seated before they can start the exam. We started around 12:30pm.
A strip of paper containing some codes will be distributed. Examinees should enter the examinee number and the code in the strip of paper.
The program has a 10-minute practice test.
You can bring water with you during the test.
IMMEDIATELY AFTER the exam, your score will be displayed.
Very few passed the exam. After the exam, there are two sheets of paper. One for those who passed and another for those who did not. All scratch papers must be returned.
About thirty minutes after the exam, the certificates were distributed.
Hope this helps your blog. :)"

Congrats Rational! Thanks! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Tips for Sunday's Civil Service Exams

Last tips: 
1. Finish the exam. Guess the answer if it takes too long to solve. Don't leave one item blank. If you ran out of time, shade randomly. Don't be afraid to erase wrong answers.
2. For snacks, I would recommend chocolate bars (Cloud 9, Snickers, etc.) or chocolate drinks. Anything that could release the stress.
3. Pray before the exam.
4. Pee and don't drink too much water before the exam. If you feel the need to pee during the middle of exam, think of Kim Kardashian if you're a guy, or for gals, fantasize on whoever Christian Grey that comes to your mind. LOLS
5. Listen to the proctor carefully. Pay attention.
6. Ask for the time left if you feel worried.
7. Answer fast but think carefully.
8. There will be lots of errors in the exam, questions that are unsolvable, same answers/choices but different letters. Try troubleshooting it first, eliminate some answers and choose your answer carefully.
9. Ask for blessings and luck from your love ones.
10. Lastly, don't forget to give me something to work on. Please come back to this site and post some of the questions.
11. May the odds be ever in your favor.. Let the Hunger Games begin!!

God Bless for Sunday's Exam.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Repost: What to Prepare the Day Before the Exam

The day before the exam.. 

Prepare the following:
1. Notice of assignment / Examination permit. Once you got it, photocopy it in case it gets lost.
2. Pencil, sharpened, No. 2. bring at least two so that you will always have a spare every time one gets too short to use or gets broken.You need the pencil to mark the answer sheet. Be aware: Do NOT use ballpen for marking the answer sheets. Focus and minimize mistakes during the marking.
3. Sharpener. Bring one, you don't know when bad luck will strike, maybe all pencil leads get broken during travel.
4. A Staedtler Eraser. Bring a very good eraser. Don't be afraid to erase mistakes while marking the answer sheets, one sure correct answer is very important in passing the exam. If you have mistakes at marking up your answer sheet, it is important to erase all the marks at the wrong answer. A Staedtler eraser is a good eraser. Don't use those cheap ones, you'll get your answer sheet smudgy. The answer sheet is your only lifeline in passing the exam.
5. Ballpens. Bring two, in case one won't write. Sign pens are recommended, since it is known not to fail. I brought my techpen at the exam. Beware: You only need the pens for filling up your personal information at the beginning of the exam. Make sure you switch from pen to pencil on answering your answer sheets.
6. The same ID you used to apply for the exam. The proctor will check this before the exam along with the examination permit. They have a master list, with your pictures on it, just like in the election.
7. Snacks and Water. During the exam, it is important to feed your brains. Vitamin Water or Energy Drinks, Chocolates and Biscuits. You must buy chocolate bars, as it is the most refreshing and easier to eat. It stimulates your brain.
8. Clothes to wear. Prepare your most comfortable clothes and shoes. You'll be sitting there for almost five hours. It is important that you are comfortable with what you wear.
9. Money.
Then have a good night sleep to prepare yourself for a stressful day of the exam.
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